If you’ve come to this page first, here’s some help in how best to successfully submit to us.

First and foremost, remember publishing IS A BUSINESS.

Publishers of all stripes are looking for the BEST books, by writers they can turn into commercial successes. After admiring the craft of a writer, an editor’s next questions are: Who is going to buy this book? How many copies of this book will we be able to sell? And how prepared and skilled is the author in helping us promote and sell this book?

Whether you are a writer of fiction or nonfiction you need to be able to answer those questions.

FinePrint has several agents each of whom has particular tastes and interests. The best chance of having an agent fall in love with your work is to first check out each agent’s bio using the menu tab above and read about their likes and dislikes, both in what they are interested in reading, and HOW they want a submission presented.

Fiction9-Dial C for Chihuahua

Each FinePrint agent has particular interests in fiction, and accepts submission in the genres listed on their bio pages.

Send a query letter with a synopsis of your book, your bio and include the FIRST two chapters or so (no more than 30 pages) embedded in the body of your email — DO NOT SEND AN ATTACHMENT WITHOUT INVITATION. It’s too easy to get viruses, trojans and other malware opening material from an unknown source. Your submission attachment will simply be discarded unread.

If we’re interested, we will ask to see more of your proposed work.




Successful nonfiction projects for mainstream publishers need to not only be a new take on the subject, world, and/or our society (even memoirs), but must be written by or strongly supported by a leading expert in the field you’re writing about. Authors should be well known authorities close to the pinnacle of expertise in their chosen field, and know who the target audience is for their work.

Ideally, you should also have a strong marketing platform geared to that audience or actively be in the process of developing one, or be a professional writer co-authoring with such a leading authority.

Again, each FinePrint agent has particular tastes, and accepts submissions in the categories listed on their bio pages. The most successful nonfiction book (particularly anything that is not prescriptive) should fall into the “water cooler” category. The kind of book that office colleagues might chat about around a water cooler, friends might mention to each other having a chill out drink, and NPR might want to interview you about.

Send a query letter and your bio via email — again, DO NOT SEND AN ATTACHMENT WITHOUT INVITATION. If we’re interested, we will ask for additional material.

If you want to know more about how to create a winning proposal, there are several good books on the subject. FinePrint is happy to offer the following on-line resources for writers: